Our Goal: Deferred Capital Roofing Expense through an effective managed and consistent program of Roof Inspection, Testing and Preventive Maintenance




Chenoweth provides Green Roof maintenance protocols which include all elements of a

vegetated roof:

  • Roofing
  • Drainage
  • Plants
  • Soils
  • Irrigation
  • Rainwater Harvesting

Chenoweth Roofing employs a full time staff of field roofing technicians which complete roof inspections, roof surveys, roof maintenance tasks and leak repair/service calls. This allows our field and design staff to remain informed on your roof’s constantly changing condition.

Our Platinum Preventive Maintenance Program provides Leak Free Warranted Coverage with Periodic Inspections and Moisture Scans!

If you are one of our Roof Asset Management Clients this information gets immediately entered into your database and reviewed by our consulting and design staff who may adjust your ‘Living Document’ of scheduled work and budget to best serve your interests.