A Chenoweth Roofing Roof Asset Management Program allows you to gain control over your roofing costs. The program consists of a comprehensive inventory database of your roofs, their composition, thermal performance, reflective performance, condition and expected service life.

Each year your roofs receive an annual survey which includes minor repairs and maintenance. These surveys not only keep your roofs ‘tuned-up’ heading off nuisance leaks and service calls but also provides annual updates to your roof inventory database.

From this database Chenoweth consultants work with you to develop a repair, maintenance and replacement plan and budget that matches your needs.

Your Roof Asset Management Plan becomes a ‘Living Document’ as it is updated and revised each year to remain current with changing conditions and requirements.

Chenoweth clients have found that our Roof Asset Management Program pays for itself in fewer unexpected leak problems and headaches as well as reduced service repair call costs.

Available in hard copy, digital and online formats!