Nuclear and Infrared Moisture Testing

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Infrared Moisture Testing

Infrared Technology is used by Chenoweth Roofing trained thermographers  to detect moisture through temperature differentials across the entire roof surface.

Infrared Analysis is a non-destructive and non-invasive testing method that has the ability to locate moisture in the roofing system in the immediate top layer of various roofing systems. In addition, Infrared Analysis can quickly identify large areas of saturation and provide an immediate thermo graphic image of the saturated areas.

A trained technician will map out the roofing system indicating the temperature differentials of the materials that have been infiltrated by moisture and those that are dry. Digital photo documentation is provided indicating the results of the analysis. Upon completion, a complete report and scan results are provided to clients with a schematic drawing which provides a graphical representation of the data across the roofing system.

Nuclear Moisture Testing

Nuclear Gauge Testing is Leading-Edge Technology used to create an accurate mapping of moisture in any roof. Nuclear Gauge testing is non-destructive technology involving neutron thermalization and can be used year-round in virtually any environmental condition and on any surface. Nuclear Analysis provides the most accurate and detailed information of any surface testing method. Readings can be taken through multiple roof layers or heavy ballast.

To conduct a Nuclear Analysis, a trained technician will measure and grid the roofing structure creating an accurately plotted grid map. The rate responses (moisture readings) are taken and inserted into the grid allowing for an in-depth analysis of the roofing system. The rate response readings are then statistically analyzed producing data that is used to report  the hydrogen levels discovered within different areas of the roofing system and substrate. A roof moisture histogram (bell curve) is developed to statistically evaluate the numeric readings. Readings are also converted to a graphic format to create an illustrative roof plan.

Chenoweth Roofing / Wallace & Associates, LLC is licensed by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission with reciprocity to various state nuclear regulatory agencies.